The inspiration of three talented young Italians has become a solid business since 2008, enriching by multidisciplinary group of professionals with one great passion in common: Italy. is now both a dedicated showcase for real estate professionals and private owner who want to expand their sales opportunities across borders as well as a reference point for people from all over the world looking for their dream home in Italy.

Antonio Quondamatteo

  • Co-founder
  • President
  • ICT Manager

Annalisa Angellotti


Simone Rossi


Mauro Caruso

Sales Manager

Elena Righi

Account Manager

Roberta Di Mattia

Account Manager

Massimo Mattioli

Account Manager

Tina Ciabò

Account Manager

Alessandra Sbaraglia

Administrative Manager

Silvia Farina

Customer Care Manager

Valentina Bianconi

Marketing & Communication Specialist

Samanta Crocetti

Marketing & Communication Specialist

Emanuela Voltattorni

PR Media Relations Manager

Luca Castorani

UI/UX Designer

Enrico Tamburrini

UX/UI Designer

Marco Gabrielli

Senior Developer

Massimo Regi

Senior Developer

Maurizio D'Ottavi

Senior Developer