Arras Group

Corso Europa - Valledoria - Sassari
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Arras Group

The group was born to offer a complete service and to meet all your needs, from design, construction and interior design to holidays. Our aim is to be an updated and flexible reality, able to provide customizable and competitive solutions. 


We have an important selection of properties, many of which even newly built, with different sizes, each one with a breathtaking view. There’s also the possibility to rent the house for seasonal holidays. We can take care of hour customers’ homes, from condominium service, to seasonal or annual lease management, and we can help you even in case of resale. We specialize in the construction of “second” homes. We want to be unique by offering eco-homes, not to be underestimated in a land deserving of nature-friendliness such as Sardinia. Our wish of growth, has led this company to improve more and more and to approach the construction with the exclusive use wood, to ensure full respect of the environment in which you choose to live.


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